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A New Outlook

Hello – As I assess my business and my photography style I decided to start fresh with a new website and host. I can honestly say it has been a good decision. In the process I changed the name of my business and created a new logo for my branding. What brought me to make this decision?

I decided that a change was necessary since I was running with the herd. That is not me. I was lost in the shuffle since many used the same style to name their business. Most of these businesses were just your standard photographers. If you need a portrait photographer there are many out there to choose from. My focus is the Boudoir and Glamour genre in the photography industry.

Boudoir Photography

So I went down the road to start and to differentiate myself from the herd. First it was a logo. I had created simple basic logo to represent my brand. See below.

As you can see it is very simple and elegant. In designing my new website I wanted to be able to keep it simple to look at. Therefore, the visitors to my website will be able to see what my specialty is as they are searching the internet.

I am really excited about it. Take a look and share your feedback to me.

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