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Why the Name Change?

Hello everyone – Many are wondering what is going on with me. First, the name has changed. I felt that my pervious business name did not convey photography. Second, I seen too many client’s in which the term “Boudoir” conveyed the message of being very sexy and more towards nudity. I had client’s who did not feel they could compete for being sexy since all you see is young girls in so called Boudoir pictures. Finally, I was getting request for other genre of photography. So, I had decided to set myself apart from the mess.

I started with the name change to the business so it would remain generic to photography. I had not abandoned the Boudoir aspect of my business. I had just renamed it to Beautiful Women. I chose that title since my clients are always saying they look beautiful. Boudoir has always been nothing more than intimate portraiture photography. Not what you look like under your clothes. So, with me having a category of Beautiful Woman conveys a different message and not the negative stereotype associated with Boudoir.

I had done a lot of work with my website. Go take a look.

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