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Why I shoot Boudoir

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I know it is a busy time of year with family and of course all the sales. I just wait for Cyber Monday. I just can not trust an inexpensive TV. Anyway, I had a client who wrote about her experience doing a Boudoir session. It took her several months to make the decision to do the shoot.

This what she wrote on Google. “Michael is an awesome photographer in capturing one’s beauty. He had previously photographed me in a dress that I loved so I knew his work was impeccable. The boudoir shots were no exception to his great talent. I was quite nervous at first especially since his website pictures show ladies that could be the age of my granddaughter, if I had one, but that didn’t stop me from a photo session. Michael is a real professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the session. We laughed and had a good time. Ladies of my age worry about their wrinkles and flaws. Michael took my best qualities and focused on them. It was a great experience, especially for my ego and self-esteem. I left the session feeling like a vibrant, sexy woman.” This is the accomplishment that I want my client to experience.

Unlike a portrait photographer where you just go and sit and have your picture taken, I get know my clients. This is what I really enjoy about being a photographer. Building a relationship and trust to be discreet and to treat the client with respect. Making women feel beautiful is my goal. Before the session I want to meet the client in person. I want to understand the goal she is seeking with the project. More importantly, to answer questions. I want my client comfortable and happy on her special day.

Regardless of age, wrinkle, or curve, you should treat yourself to a once in a lifetime photo session design to show the world or the just your loved one how beautiful you’re. Now is the time to book your session.

You can contact me at 334-223-4892 or email at

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