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Shooting at the Beach

I recently came back to Wilmington, NC from Alabama. I had lived here previously for ten years and came back every few years to visit. It is still a great city and is growing. Of course I always loved the beach. As a Photographer it is fun to shoot on the beach.

The girls always have fun. This is Tiffany from South Carolina who has twice shot on the beach. Although, there are challenges that the Photographer has to consider. First, is the water and there is plenty.

The last thing you want to have happen is to get the camera wet or worst fall into the water. I like stay in the surf with the strap wrapped around my arm. If I fall I can kept my arm up. I do like to use a tripod but I sure the shifting sand would be an issue. Second, there is sand to deal with on the beach.

If the wind is picking up it is possible to have fine sand particles in the air. Last time I shot I had to clean my my lens twice. A film had developed on my lens. We backed out of the water and shot in the dry sand. Much easier to be stable and shoot. Finally, how do you get a nice crisp picture in this environment.

Many time as mentioned before that I like using a tripod which helps as I am getting old. In the sand that is easy to do since the water is not up to this area. Understanding these challenges has me thinking on how to approach the next shoot. I will probably be sitting in the dry sand with my tripod and using my 400mm long lens. This will give me a safe place in which I can get the tight shots and the wide angles as well.

As always shoot during the "Golden Hour."

Share your thoughts or experiences with doing photography on the beach.

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