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Senior Pictures

It is that time of year when Seniors are getting ready for graduation, proms and senior pictures. I normally do not advertise for doing these portraits. However, with this Corona virus everything has been disrupted and people want to get back to normal.

I saw a post by a Mother who was frustrated on how the class of 2020 was very disrupted due to the stay at home orders, social distancing, and gatherings prohibited. The virus has put a lot on hold. Now that things are improving it is time for me to make my special offering.

Senior pictures are on $75 with digital images and one 11x17 print. I make this offer once every few years and it is a great value to get quality images. These are the images that you want to have done by a professional. Not just someone with a camera.

I know people do not come to me when searching for a photographer to do Senior pictures. I do understand. What I tell them and you as the reader that these photo sessions are fun and the Seniors are great young people. I really love working with them.

I get to hear what they have plan for the future and their perspective on our world. It makes me feel good to learn about their positive attitudes and outlook. Some of the teens I have done photo session with have gone on to college and started a career. Then getting to see them get married and having their own children.

Have a Senior needing to get images? Please feel free to get in touch with me.

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