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Same Sex Couples

As a Photographer, I get asked all sort questions and have conversation with other Photographers about current business trends. I quickly learned that many Photographers will not shoot same sex couples. I never gave it a thought. I hear about the bakeries refusing to provide a service based on their sexual orientations because of religious beliefs. But never photography.

To be honest I grew up in an era were same sex couples was bad and to shun them. I have heard all of the derogatory terms. As I matured into being an adult and trying to be a Christian in my beliefs means not hating anyone or judging one based on his or her actions. Therefore, I have made many friends over the years and I really could not care about their sexual orientation. Still hate and judgement is out there. I sure there are those who do not share my views. That is fine because my views are my own.

To answer the question will I do a photo session with a same sex couple. Of course, I would do so. They are client’s and will be treated no differently. The only people I avoid are criminals. I have also been asked if I would do a male Boudoir shoot even if it involved some nudity. Yes, I would as long as it was not porn. I do not shoot any porn period.

Hopefully, many Photographers will have a change of heart and stop discriminating. Meanwhile, I will not turn down anyone unless it illegal or porn.

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