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Photography Prints

As a Photographer I have always converted some of my images to prints. These either go into a photo album to be shared with a client or I frame them. To me nothing is better than seeing an image come to life as an 11x14 print. My work is art and it deserves to be shared. I easily remember years ago the only way for you to see the picture was to have the film developed. Now things have changed since everything is digital.

We have become a society of people with cell phones taking all kinds of pictures. Then I hear the heartbreak if the camera is stolen or destroyed. You can never get them back unless you saved them in the cloud. This happens too many times. I am not advocating print all of your images. That would not make sense since we can take them so easily and lots of them compared to the film days. But those important ones especially when you hire a professional should be in print. People say why.

Portrait Photgraphy
I had this image printed professionally the colors are brilliant

When my Mother passed away we found a ton of images taken when she was a little girl. We got some them framed for her funeral. Her old friends who attended were excited to see them. It was pictures that none of my siblings have seen either. It was something tangible she left behind that can be passed down for my generations. I came across an a blog written about printed images and the family it can be found at this link; This blog post made a lot sense on why we need prints. This company does brilliant print work.

What I see is people wanting digital images that want to run to the drug store or the big box retailer to get prints. You’re not going to get the quality that a professional lab can provide. You want to work with a photographer who insist on good quality prints. Too many of what we call are shoot and burn photographers. I have done that before. I have seen other photographers who do this and too often the resolution is not correct and the sizing is not right. Have you seen when getting your print the pictures are cropped and it ruined the image? Next time you have portraits, events and weddings find a photographer who insist on quality prints. These images are made to be displayed and shared for future generations.

Boudoir Photography
Imagine seeing this image blown up to 11x17. Absolutely stunning.

Please share your thoughts.

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