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New Opportunities

I have not been sharing my work lately. I had recently relocated to Montgomery, AL with a new job. Meanwhile, I have been busy with work and to get established in the community. So for I have met some great people. I also did a shoot for a book cover for autobiography for a woman who emigrated from Puerto Rico as a child to Miami.

Since I have been in Montgomery I found a photography club with some great people. Plus, I have met another person in which we go out and shoot old abandon structures. Unfortunately, the weather has not been good out on the weekends so no outdoor shooting. Therefore, I have time to focus on my Marketing Program that I am taking.

One of the projects I have to do a Gallery Exhibition. A friend who I have gone out shooting with was able to introduce me to a woman who owns several galleries in Montgomery. Her mission is to bring the art community together. She has one place called Exposed Art House. You can see her Facebook page and website at

I had the opportunity to sit down with Chintia and let her review some of the images that will be displayed. We finally got the final images selected. Hearing compliments from an internationally recognized artist was great. Here is one of the images that I held back due to gallery space.

Fine Art Nude
Meghan Winter 2018

Now the task of getting the images printed and framed has to be done. It would be great if they sold. But the most import aspect of this endeavor is getting known in the community and meeting some new friends. I will share updates as soon as information is available.

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