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A Beautiful Lady

I recently had a friend that worked with me doing a Boudoir shoot. Naturally, she was unsure since she worried about a few wrinkles and a couple of extra curves. We talked about outfits and posing. The day of the shoot I could see her nervous and excitement in her eyes at the same time.

We did the shoot. Stayed with many natural poses so that she could be comfortable. As you can see in the pose below she was feeling comfortable with a little exposure. Once she got into the shoot the fun began. I like to make my clients comfortable and to have laughter.

As I was we did the shoot one of the things I requested was solid color since I was most likely going to convert to black and white. I absolutely love black and white photography. To me it gives a softer feel to the image.

Finally, towards the end of the shoot. I felt that she would be able to do a nude image that would maintain her modesty. As this was a first for her she as got herself into position to be posed. To her she was placing trust in my hands to keep looking sexy without exposing her.

I asked her how she felt after the shoot. Her response was “really good.” Then after I had sent the images to her I asked for feedback. She said “she felt like a sexy woman.” Needless to say, I am happy that she was feeling good about herself.

In her mind she never thought she could do a Boudoir photo shoot. Just like many women all they see is younger girls and feel they cannot look as good. These images prove otherwise.

So as I always say what is stopping you from doing a shoot? If she can shoot a Boudoir photo session so can you.

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